General Information
NameOrange bell pepper
Scientific NameCapsicum annuum
DescriptionOrange bell peppers are members of the domesticated plant species Capsicum annuum. Green, yellow, orange and red bell peppers all belong to the same species, with the differences arising from the time at which they are harvested. Green bell peppers are bell peppers that have been harvested early. Yellow and orange bell peppers have been allowed more time to ripen, and red bell peppers are the most mature. Capsicum annuum is a domesticated species of the plant genus Capsicum native to southern North America and northern South America. The three species C. annuum, C. frutescens and C. chinense all evolved from a single common ancestor located somewhere in the northwest Brazil - Colombia area. Capsicum annuum is the most common and extensively cultivated of the five domesticated capsicums. The species is a source of popular "sweet peppers": and "hot chilis": with numerous varieties cultivated all around the world. In American English the plant is commonly known as a chili pepper or bell pepper. In British English, the sweet varieties are called red or green peppers and the hot varieties chillies, whereas in Australian and Indian English the name capsicum is commonly used for bell peppers exclusively and chilli is often used to encompass the hotter varieties. [Wikipedia] See a "list of capsicum cultivars":
Primary IDFOOD00879
Sub-GroupFruit vegetables
ITIS ID30492
Wikipedia IDCapsicum_annuum
CompoundStructureContent Range AverageReference
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